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About Monica T. Smith

Monica has been there searching and searching the internet for hours for a better way to do her curl-coils. She has also been there when she didn't like what she saw in the mirror. She's been there when her hair was not cooperating even after a "deep conditioner" lol.

Listen she gets it, Monica knows the struggle of trying to understand YOUR texture and wishing that you did not have to spend SO much time to get so little in return. Its not fun, its actually quite frustrating and this is why she created this course, with over a decade of owning a salon working mainly with WCC (wavy, curly, coiled) individuals Monica has been able to help 1000'sand counting of them LOVE their hair, do things that they never thought their hair would do.

But most important of all this is the CONFIDENCE level goes through the roof when you feel GOOD about your hair and its so true that you can have on the best outfit in the world BUT if the hair is not together none of that matters. Monica loves curls so much and she is a curly girl herself this is just a way that she can continue to give back after over 26 years of being in the industry.

Monica has served as a Salon Business Coach, Created and Launched a Curls product line named BU be you curls-Made for all but designed with wavy, curly, and coiled in mind and now an Online Curls Course. She is married, loves pasta and being close to the beach. And she will almost always have dessert before dinner!